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When doing any marketing, it’s very important to track the performance of your marketing. The only surefire way to tell if our procedures are producing results is by tracking our progress. With that said, reporting is a critical component in our operations. There are so many ways to track marketing performance but Google Analytics is the standard for measuring your Google Ads campaigns. By monitoring the performance of our marketing campaigns, we bring our clients peace of mind. In the online advertising realm, speculation doesn’t bode well for optimal results. It’s for this reason why we generate custom reports.

But what does all the data mean? What’s important to me?

Once we’ve pulled the report, we’ll provide you with a wealth of data. It’s not uncommon for these figures and statistics to spark confusion. If you find that this information is hard to digest, we’ll break it down for you. Our unmatched insight breathes simplicity into otherwise intricate affairs. After reviewing the data, we’ll pinpoint any soft underbellies and make the necessary adjustments.

Some areas we’ll hone in on are organic traffic, overall traffic, phone calls, emails, and website clicks. In essence, our reporting tactics aim to monitor engagement. Best of all, our custom ROI reports are accurate and specific to your site. With our assistance, you won’t have to question if your website is captivating an audience. We’ll supervise your progress so that you can establish your presence in the digital domain. Along with providing custom ROI reports, we can also educate you on what each of the stats means and what should be focused on.

Example reports may include:

  • Conversions
    • Phone Calls
    • Emails
    • Contact Forms
  • Exposure
    • Overall Traffic
    • Organic Traffic
  • Advertising
    • Google Ads Total
    • Google Ads Clicks
    • Google Ads Average Cost Per Click
  • Google Ads – Local Actions
    • Clicks to Call
    • Directions
    • Website Visits
    • Other Engagements

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Small Business Owners

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